The Bridge at Roddy Creek

Welcome to the new year, I hope everyone is coping well. As many of you know, the east coast here in the U.S. is going through some very cold and severe winter weather and it seems like we are getting snow here every week. Yesterday the sun finally came out and I thought that I would revisit some old haunts to get a different snow covered perspective on things. At this point and time it was late afternoon and as usual I was fighting for daylight. However in recent years I have resolved myself to the idea that in photographic terms, if you want to go out and shoot something, then shoot it, providing you have the means to get there. Such is the case with the shot in this post. I was sitting around with some time on my hands, just itching to get out with my camera when I thought ” I wonder what the covered bridge at Roddy creek looks like with all this snow?” That’s it. That’s all it took to get me out the door. I just grabbed my camera, one lens, a tripod and went. As I was flying down the highway to get to my destination before dark, I slowly realized that the road this historic covered bridge lies on is very rural and the chance that any snow plow has cleared it would be slim to none. Oh well. Too late to think about that now. When I got to Roddy creek road I could see that if anything, the road was barely passable. The road itself is pretty short so I decided to just go slow and steady in my little car until I got to the bridge. Once I got there I found a small patch of ice on the side of the road that gave me just enough room to park. The snow covered bridge and the creek that ran beneath it was a site to behold.

There was snow everywhere and since there was no leaves on the trees, I had plenty of light and did not have to use my tripod. There is a concrete barrier that runs along the creek to keep cars from going ┬áin and it was the perfect brace for me to lean on to get my shots, as there was no way I could stand on the icy boulders that line the creek itself. The barrier allowed me to lean in as far as I could without falling in and take my shot. I first found this place last summer when I was doing some research on historic bridges in Maryland that I could shoot. I got a lot of photos of the bridge back then but haven’t had the time to post them. Someday I hope to. As the title implies, this is a bridge that crosses Roddy creek in Thurmont, MD. which is near where I live. It is one of only six existing bridges in the entire state of Maryland and this one is the smallest. It is believed to have been built around 1856. More info on the bridge is HERE.

Canon 5D markII, EF 50 1.2 L, ISO 100, 1/100 @ f/8

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