With Teeth

Here is another post from my iPhone. I am going to post more from my phone in the future because I believe that a decent photo doesn’t have to come from expensive gear. Sharpness, correct color, and all of that are fine, but to me composition is the end all be all for me, and composition can be done on anything. This photo was…

Waiting for breakfast.

This is a test post to see how the WordPress app works. Meanwhile please enjoy this photo of our cat Star waiting for her meal.

I feel so freshly Pressed

No photos today, but a big thank you to wordpress and all of the fellow bloggers for me getting the nod for the Freshly Pressed on the wordpress front page. I must note however, that a very kind and talented fellow blogger ┬áBaby Girl featured me on her site Pure Complex earlier in the month and even though I thanked her on her site,…

Resize and Repost

No photo to post today but a valuable tip on posting your photos on WordPress. I just discovered that if you upload full size photos and let WordPress resize them, the output will result in soft and sometimes off color photos. I will not post anymore photos until I repost all the others in their correct ┬ásize, color and sharpness. This however, should not…

Owen Dawson

From time to time, I will post links to photographers whose works definitely should be seen. Here is one such photographer. His name is Owen Dawson. He has some of the best landscapes I have ever seen, not to mention his other compositions. You can see his site HERE.