Return to Ice

Well, just two days after a snowfall, we got hit again only this time it was an ice storm. No worries though, I made the best of it by staying busy with office work and helping some neighbors with downed trees. After all was said and done I had that itch to get out and capture the beauty of the thick ice that covered everything. Only problem was that the trees that line my driveway were so bent over with ice, that there was no way for me to just jump in my car and getaway. At first I was a bit upset that there was all of this great scenery out there and I couldn’t get to it, but as usual I decided to not let this stop me and pack my gear, grab the dog and head out on foot. I must have walked for an hour not once did I take off my pack. It was one of those moments where you scan the landscape for something to shoot and not being satisfied with everything you see.

I know it sounds like I was just being picky (and I was), but as a photographer sometimes I like shooting things that just present themselves in their own time. Whether it be a landscape or on the street. Unless I’m doing portraiture, forcing myself to compsose something that isn’t there always puts me on the losing end of the situation. Sheila met me about hallway through my walk and we both looked for places to shoot. After some time I had resolved myself to the idea that this was just one of those situations where I would go home empty handed. Seems like a waste of time, but in the past I have gone out shooting for hours and not even fire one shot, so this was no big deal. At that moment, I heard Sheila say, “Oh wow. You should get a photo of this.” I caught up to her looked into the direction that her extended arm was pointing to. And she was right. Here was the scene that I was looking for. I dropped my bag, set up and started shooting. Man was I pleased with myself. It reminded me of that old saying “Good things come to those who wait”. What was even better was the fact that the scene in the photo above was taken right in front of my house.

Canon 5D markII, EF 50 1.2 L, ISO 100, 1/160 @ f/8


9 Comments on “Return to Ice

  1. Great story – Reminds me of the story “Acres of Diamonds” – about a guy who looks the world over for something he ultimately finds was in his backyard all the time.

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