Cities in Dust

I took this photo of an angel that is part of a large fountain in front of Union Station in D.C. The thing that struck me as odd about the fountain was the fact that not only was it bone dry, but it was also filled with trash like old bicycles and just general garbage. The rest was in some serious disrepair. I certainly hope they revive this very old structure as I feel that it is just as important as the interior of the station that they seem to be forever trying to fix.

Canon 5D markII, EF 50 1.2 L, ISO 160, 1/450 @ f/8


7 Comments on “Cities in Dust

  1. She seems to be in such despair. I do hope they clean up her pool.

    • She does Katherine. Of course that’s what drew me to her. I’m fully confident that they will repair it, as I see no way that they would let such an old landmark go to waste.

  2. Have to say, awesome processing (and your title really caught my eye…a title of a song by one of my fav bands)! I really love this image.

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