Where The Vultures Are

Here on the east coast winter has come early, and as a photographer, venturing outside with my camera has become more and more limiting. As a consequence, I have resorted to carrying my camera out while on errands such as getting gas, going to the store, etc. This way, if something along the way strikes my fancy, I can just hop out the car and get a few photos, and continue on my merry way. Yesterday while on my way back home from the grocery store I spotted a large group of vultures roosting in a grove of trees that sat high up on a hill in the small village of New Market, MD. Since I only had a 50 on my camera it limited me on range as the hill on which they sat was fairly high and because they were on private property, I couldn’t just go waltzing in and start shooting. This relegated me to standing on the street and try to figure out a way to get a decent shot. It’s all about perspective you know. At first things weren’t working out so well for me, but then I thought I would try and and sneak around the back side of the trees which is on public property. I hiked down busy main street climbed an even bigger hill and proceeded to work my way through the woods to the other side of the trees the the vultures were roosting on. Before I got halfway through the woods I felt a sharp zap on my hands as if I had been mildly tazed. I looked down and saw this thin wire that stretched as far as the eyes could see and realized that I had just walked into an electric fence. Nice. This really pissed me off.

Instead of giving in, the anger inside me helped me focus my determination on how to correct this situation. This meant going home and getting a bigger lens. So I did. When I got back to the location, fortunately the vultures where still there. This time I was able to shoot with ease and get the shots I wanted. Now I know that all of this seems a bit crazy and maybe I should have cut my loses and moved on, but for me sometimes photography can be nothing more than catching life in a moment when no one else is looking or even paying attention and exposing it so that others know that while we are busy running errands or rushing to go nowhere, there are other forms of life that sit and wait high above us looking down and wondering what the fuss is all about.

Canon 5D markII, EF 70-200 4 L IS, ISO 320, 1/100 @ f/8


8 Comments on “Where The Vultures Are

  1. Now that’s dedication. And the result was worth it. I like the snow on your website.

    • Thanks Katherine. Sometimes I just can’t let things go. The snow is courtesy of wordpress as they put it on our sites for the holidays. Now I’m off with with the dogs to get my hiking in the woods on.

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