Old Anglers Inn

There are national treasures all over in this great country of ours and here in the DMV (D.C.,Maryland,andVirginia) one of the best is the C&O canal. Since I live in central Maryland the various locks in the canal are easy access as I never have to drive too far to get to one. Over the years I have spent many hours hiking the canal either with the dogs or purely for photographic reasons. Although my favorites change all the time, my current go to has been the Old Anglers Inn part of the canal. I call it this because of the restaurant that bears this name sits directly across from the parking lot that gives me access to this part of the canal. Lately I have been spending what little spare time I have sitting on the large, ancient and smooth granite boulders along the Potomac river enjoying the view and taking photos along various points of the river. The photo above is part of the river that seems to be a favorite amongst kayakers. This is just below the famous Great Falls that borders Maryland and Virginia.

Canon 5D markII, EF 50 1.2 L, ISO 160 1/11th sec @f/8


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