Porch Fest

Last weekend I went to the old neighborhood where I once lived back in my punk rock days known as the Adams Morgan area of Washington, D.C. While the place has certainly changed (trendy for sure), it is none the worse for wear. The reason for this little trip was the fact that the local arts council had sponsored an event called Porch Fest in which local bands perform their music on the front porches of the different homes in neighborhood. There was all kinds of music to be had including Jazz, Alt, Rock, Country, Soul, Blues and everything in between. I even saw one guy performing with a pan flute. The band in this shot is called Brûlée. Their sound was kind of like jazz, but not. All I know is that they were very good. Two doors down was another band was playing at the same time, and the cool thing was that both bands shared their time slot by having one artist playing two songs, then the other played two songs so that neither band stepped on the other’s set while playing. I have been to a lot of shows in my life, but nothing quite like this. All the neighbors were out on the sidewalk and in the street enjoying the show. Some bands had drinks and snacks on the sidewalk in front of the house to enjoy while you listened to music, and some bands even had coolers of beer to consume for their performance. I had a great time, more than I thought I would. Although next year it would be nice to see a good old fashion punk band.

Canon 5D markII, EF 50 1.2 L, ISO 160, 1/100 @ f/5.6


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