Headless Angel

One the things I find most fascinating are cemeteries. Sounds a bit morbid I know, but they are actually quite peaceful places to be. And for me, the older and larger cemetery, the better. I will spend hours walking through these places. I find it interesting how we as humans honor our dead. I took this photo above at the New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore. It is truly massive and for years I would drive by it thinking how I would love to get the chance to explore it thoroughly. Last summer I finally got that chance and will post more of this place soon.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24=70 2.8 L, ISO 160, 1/500 @f/8


2 Comments on “Headless Angel

  1. So glad you’re back, I have missed your photos!

    I don’t find that morbid at all, I like cemetery’s too. This is a great shot and I can see from the background just how expansive it is, can’t wait to see more. The cemetery where my dad is buried has an old side and some of the stones have been there so long you can’t read them anymore. I also had the opportunity a few months ago to visit a pet cemetery in the town I grew up in. I attended a service for a military dog, if you would like you can read the post here http://mistyshoreschesapeakes.wordpress.com/category/military-dogs/ I have tons more photos that I should post.

    Looking forward to more of your photos šŸ™‚

    • Thank you Misty. I am happy to be back. Thanks for the link and I can’t wait to get full in to your posts again.

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