Violets lock

I work in the construction industry and I have my own company. I also have been into photography for a very long time. Does the two ever conflict with each other? Immensely. With the economy being what it is, especially in our industry, I am fortunate to keep very busy, so where there’s work, I take it. This comes with a price though. Since I am always fearful of business drying up, I work a lot of hours, and unfortunately to the sacrifice of my photography. Not to worry though, as I have learned to take whatever limited time I have and make the best of it. The other day I had the whole day to myself minus an appointment with a client. I had decided to get out with my camera and get some shooting in. One thing I have learned over the years is that when you have time off for shooting, try not to hit too many places just because your time limited, or you will wind up with nothing.

That is when I decided to head down to Violets lock on the C&O canal. It is a great place for shooting and all I have to do is walk in a straight line and come back. I was pretty happy with this scenario and as I drove down the highway to meet my customer, I kept a mental note of the possible spots for me to get some good photos. Fate, as it seems, had other plans. Right before I got to the job site , the client called and changed the appointment to late in the afternoon, which for me meant that instead of  getting my meeting done early and having the rest of the afternoon to myself, I really only had a couple of hours to get to the lock, snap a few photos, meet the client, and then try to get back on the highway before rush hour fully kicks in.

I decided not whine about it and proceed with the new plan. As soon as I got to the canal, for some reason, my brain just froze. I just stood there with no clue of what to shoot even though I have been here a million times. As I walked the canal I kept having this mental block the whole way and therefore, shot nothing. My time at the canal was winding down and that’s when I came across the large rock you see in the photo above. That’s when I realized that I wouldn’t let something like time keep me from my goal. I set my gear up and kept shooting just this one rock until it was time to go. Total shooting time was about twenty minutes. After I got home and uploaded the shots, I found that I was quite happy with what I had accomplished for such a short period of time.

The truth is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what gear you have (although I am the first to admit I obsess over mine), or how much time you are given to accomplish your task, it is up the the person behind the camera that makes the shot and no one else.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 85 1.2 L, ISO 100, 1/200 @ f/8


6 Comments on “Violets lock

  1. I love the rock, and especially love your story and appreciate the time you took to share it with us. I, too, can get stressed when I’m feeling under pressure for time, so I can completely understand this scenario. What great advice to take in every moment with whatever you have, instead of what you don’t have. The rock proves the wisdom in that.

    • Thank you so much Robin. I think the hardest part is putting these principles to practice, although for some reason I find it easier to do the older I get.

  2. I’m in construction too, so I know exactly what you’re talking about, unfortunately. I feel like I’m working harder and longer hours than ever. It’s always – Do I stay late and finish such&such, or do I head home ‘on time’ to catch some shots of my visiting birds, a sunset, or an approaching storm. And then to find time to download, select, edit, and post. I’m constantly behind, but I keep shooting as and when I can. I refuse to give up! 🙂

    Love this shot in B&W with the reflection!

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