Gateway to China

Ok not really, but as most of you know, every major city here in the U.S.(or the world for that matter) has a Chinatown. Washington,D.C. is no exception. This is the Friendship Archway that ushers you into our Chinatown. Compared to other Chinatowns in the country, The one here is fairly small. Nonetheless, this archway is about 60ft high and has about 7000 tiles installed, along with 272 hand painted dragons. I took this shot while on my way to the National Portrait Gallery to check out some exhibits. This location was an absolute madhouse, as we have our major concert/sports venue(Verizon center) here. Tourists from every angle squashed me like a grape while I tried to navigate my way through the streets to my destination. By the time I got to the archway, I had to stand in the street to get this shot. There were about four policeman on the same corner as I, and each one kept telling me to get off the street for my safety. Of course I ignored them, that is until one put his arm in front of me and gently guided me back to the sidewalk. I know that they were only doing their job so I didn’t raise a fuss about it. I did however, wait until the light at the corner walkway gave the go ahead for the tourists to stampede to the other side. While the police watched the pedestrian traffic cross over, I took the distraction as an opportunity to jump off the curb and into the street where I wanted to get my shot of the archway. As I clicked away feverishly like some sort of well, tourist, I heard a voice yell “Hey!”. As I turned to look there was a policeman standing there with a look on his face like I had just stole his shoes or something. Before he could utter another word, I interjected with a “Sorry Dude” followed by a “Thanks”. He just smiled and waived me on and I ran across the street to beat the light. As I made it to the other side, I heard him yell out: “Did you at least get your shot?” Why yes officer, I sure did.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 160, 1/500 @ f/8


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