Rachael and her magic hut

Went to Dumbarton Oaks here in Georgetown in D.C. today despite the fact that the temps were 102 with a heat index of 106-110. The museum here was pretty nice (AC), but when we got outside to the gardens it was more than oppressive. We had a specific thing that we wanted to see which we did, but after that most of our party saw a few more things and headed back to the gate. Can’t really blame them, as it was bloody hot. It was about this time when Rachael mentioned the fact that she still wanted to pursue the rest of the gardens as much as possible and of course, I was game. We covered as much as possible for at least 35-40 minutes. When we reached a spot known as ‘The Ellipse” we noticed this Landscape sculpture you see in the photo above. It was done by sculptor Patrick Dougherty as part of a bigger installation (these things lined the whole ellipse), but since this was only a temporary installation, this is the only one that remains. It is made of woven saplings and as you can see has a little window inside. As soon as I saw it you know I had to get a few shots with miss Rachael inside. As usual, I will post more shots of this place later.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 320, 1/500 @ f8


13 Comments on “Rachael and her magic hut

    • Awesome is right Robin. It really would have been a sight to see a bunch of them surrounding the ellipse.

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