On the fly

A few months back I finally decided to check out a creek that has caught my attention for over twenty years. It is called “Seneca creek”. Due to the fact that my work has me traveling all over the metro area, I have passed this place over and over and always thought, “This looks like the perfect place for me and the dog”. The main reason I never stopped was the fact that there is no parking. I mean none. In fact, even though this is part of a state park, the only place for a vehicle is on the shoulder next to the road. Since the road is a major one and heavily used, The idea of me grabbing my gear and the dog at the same time while crossing it wasn’t too appealing to me. Nonetheless on this occasion I decided to just bring one lens, my camera, and of course my tripod.

As soon as I made my way into the creek, I instantly knew that this place was going to be my favorite. Very wide with big sweeping curves, beautiful canopy, and all of the downed trees seemed to have fallen perfectly in the right places. Some created bridges, while others offer great places to sit on high banks while you enjoy the view. For the most part, the entire thing was a bit overwhelming to me as there was so much to shoot and I couldn’t focus on where to start. Eventually I decided to just scope out the place and come back later. While I was scouting I noticed the man you see in the photo above fly fishing. After following him down the creek for about an hour, I finally caught up with him. He noticed my gear and told me that I came to the right place to get some good photos. “I know” I replied and proceeded to ask him for a little history of the creek that we were now both standing in.

He told me that Seneca creek was a major tributary to the Potomac river that divides Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., which explains the width and depth of the creek. He also said that every year the state stocks this part of the creek with about 10-15,000 trout and that I had just arrived on the tale end of a fly fishing frenzy. Apparently he was there to try and get what was left. After talking for about an hour, I decided to get shots of him fishing from a distance so I wouldn’t get in way. I had so much fun that I came back the next day for about six hours and the day after that. As I write this post I am already thinking of grabbing the “Ghost dog” and having some fun for a few hours. She has had no water time so far this summer and with the heat index reported to be anywhere from 106 to 115, I think she will be more than happy to try her hand at a little fly fishing even if all she has is four paws and a snout covered in mud.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 160, 1/20 @ f/8


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