It can be lonely at the Lucky Ducky

When I took this shot of this carny game, I thought it was empty. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at this shot did I realize that there was a woman at the far right of the booth looking right at me.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 400, 1/100@f/5.6


9 Comments on “It can be lonely at the Lucky Ducky

  1. And apparently a bunch of Spongebob Squarepants clones. This works so well in black & white. It does give me the creeps some, but that is credited to the late Ray Bradbury and his wicked carnival book.

    • Thanks a lot Brandon. You hit the nail on the head. The original title of the post was to be “Something wicked this way comes”, but that would have been too obvious. I am so glad you picked up on my secret ode to Mr. Bradbury. If you want an extra creep factor, if you can zoom in on your browser, you;ll see the the carny worker has this mischievous grin even though you can’t see the lower half of her face.

  2. LOL.. Wow this an intriguing photograph.. Definitely gives you the willies the longer you stare at it.. I also see what you mean in reference to the Carny worker..

    • Thank you MD. I must give credit to Rachael’s Dad as he was the one who suggested the B/W from that shoot.

  3. Okay I have come to a decision.. if I get married.. you’re my photographer! That’s it! The decision has been made! ๐Ÿ™‚

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