Happy Easter


Happy Easter every one. I am writing this post from my iPhone as my computer is down and I want to post something, so I’m giving this iPhone app a try. So far so good although even though I have been reading all of your posts, somehow I can’t seem to leave any comments. I will as soon as I get myself back online. The photo is from my iPhone. Cheers, Lionel


20 Comments on “Happy Easter

  1. That app did pretty good. But I think this photo was taken by a wonderful, expert photographer that could make any app work 🙂

    • Thank you for the nice words Kay. I love the camera on this phone and hope to post more shots from it in the future.

  2. Pretty snazzy. I’ve justed started to “believe” in the camera phone and just upgraded to a phone that is suppose to have a pretty boss camera. We’ll see. This is nice. Was the phone able to get the DOF or was this from a focus app like Snapseed? And Happy belated Easter.

    • Thank you Brandon. I totally dig the camera on this phone. It takes amazing 1080p video as well. The app I used was the Camera+ app. I have snapseed as well and love it, but it wasn’t used on this shot.

  3. Love this! I wish I had an iPhone! By the way, are you on Instagram? I forgot to ask you the other day, I wanted to know your opinion 🙂

    • Thank you Erika. I am not on instagram as of yet, but from what I see, I like. I use hipstamatic on my iPhone, and it is very similar. It would be nice to have another outlet to shoot and post photos that is easy and artistic for me to do wherever I am.

  4. Ahh, I have to say that I now use Camera+ 99% of the time to take images on my iPhone! By the way, love the little shack to the right!

    • Thanks David. Camera+ is pretty wicked. I must say that I am getting totally hooked on the camera apps for the iPhone. I have about four and I just can’t stop. My mac is finally fixed, so I hope to get back to normal by the weekend.

  5. Great choice for an easter photo, got to Love the dogwood tree !

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