This, as the title of the post implies, is Noah. He was rescued by Sheila’s son Camron and his lovely wife Erika. He was part of a story that made our local news here where a woman was caught hoarding an insanely large group of dogs, all of them living in neglect. Needless to say the dogs were removed from the house and Noah was one of them. As of today he is doing just fine. He gets along with our dogs pretty well, and as you can see, he has made himself right at home.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 70-200 4 L IS, ISO 1600, 1/40 @ f/5


17 Comments on “Noah

  1. Noah is adorable! I love his spots! It’s always such a good feeling to help a dog out of a bad situation. And of course, great photo!

  2. Always love to hear a good rescue stories. In Louisiana, there are some stubborn rules surrounding when/how you can take animals from negligent owners. A woman living near my parents had a ton of animals in horrible conditions. It took way, way too long to get those animals away from her.

    • Too bad about the laws in your state, Brandon. Frankly, I think the laws in this country when it pertains to animals are way too complicated, and the penalties are too soft.

    • He is a very nice dog Robin. That bed for some reason has become of a favorite of the animals in our house.

  3. Dear Lionel, this is so beautiful, so lovely and so adorable dog. I loved so much… The story how turns in happiness, I love happy ends… My little Princess my cat was rescued too… Can you believe this, I have a wooden bed like his bed, but I have to make some addition and I want /hope her to sleep there… 🙂 Thank you dear Lionel, also for visiting my blog, I noticed that you visited all my posts, you are amazing. Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  4. Okay.. I know I responded to this post but for some reason it never showed up. Just look at that cutie Noah.. I love this photo

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