Although Sheila is the cat person in the family, I must admit that I am fully responsible for acquiring this little bugger you see in this photo. His name is Raven. About two years ago I was working on a job (I’m in construction) near D.C. when I had to make a stop at a local supply house. After paying for my goods I drove across the lumber yard to pick up my materials. As I waited for a worker to pick my order, I noticed an all black cat darting in and out of the piles of lumber in the warehouse. As I looked closer, I noticed the cat had a pretty good limp. I immediately knew that he was probably a stray, and after having a short conversation with the yard worker he confirmed it. “How long has he been here?” I asked. “About six months” he replied. “He sleeps upstairs on a pile of insulation in another warehouse” he said. As soon as he said that, the cat strolled up to me and let me pick him up. “Look at that!” he exclaimed with amazement. “We have never seen him do that before. He likes you.” “Of course” I thought.

My first thought after all of this was “Man, we really don’t need another stray cat.” My second thought was “If I come home and relate this story without the cat, I’m going to regret it.” There was only one thing left to do. Call home. I slowly pulled my cell phone out of my jacket and at first I just stared at it. Still weighing my options, I looked back into the warehouse at the cat. He kept hobbling back an forth on three legs with this “Are you ready?” look on his face. I called home and told Sheila the story. She was pretty calm about the situation and made a suggestion that if I brought him back with me that maybe we could find him a good home. And with that, I Grabbed the cat and put him in an empty shop vac box. The yard worker was even nice enough to buy him some food for the trip home. Now two years have gone by, and Raven has settled in quite nicely. He loves his country life and doesn’t have to worry about living near a busy highway looking for food. As far as his leg is concerned, our vet informed us that he probably broke it long ago and with no treatment, it healed in a position that didn’t allow him to walk right. No worries though, as it does not hurt him and there is not much we can do at this point. I keep thinking about the conversation Sheila and I had back when I first found him, and the suggestion that we could find him a good home. Well, at least that part is true.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 70-200 4 L, ISO 500, 1/60 @ f/4


18 Comments on “Raven

  1. This is a great story! I keep trying to acquire a third dog under the same ruse – we can just take him home and find a good home for him – but for some reason, my husband doesn’t fall for it! :-). I like how you mentioned that coming home with the story but no cat was going to be a problem!

    • Thank you Laurie. I totally understand where your husband is coming from. In our house that’s the oldest trick in the book. 🙂

    • He certainly is Misty. He has been a nice cat as his is grateful and loving, although he also knows how to push my buttons too.

  2. An excellent story that adds a wonderful flavour to
    your cat photograph, which I rather like Spiderpaw 🙂

    I hope that you are having a great week so far…


  3. Raven indeed with that graduating color in the fur. I love the behind point of view. My life has been a series of black cats, and all have been strays except the current. They just keep choosing me. And WHAT a coincidence as I ended up with a stray due to a leg injury like yours, except it was fresh. One morning I opened the door and there was this cat on my step, howling and couldn’t walk. I brought it to the vet, and he told me the cat had been shot and the femur was shattered. He said repairing it correctly would cost thousands of dollars and there were no promises. I was angry that the cat might have to be put down. The vet then said there was “another” way. He could cut the bone and then bolt together, essentially making the leg an inch shorter than the other. He said the cat would have a bad limp, but no pain, much like yours. He also warned that I should keep him close as other animals may attack him because he was “injured.” And it worked, and then exceedingly. After a year, the cat had the slightest limp and grew into an enormous tomcat. I swear the guy must have been half puma.

    • Totally dig your story Brandon and much praise for finding a way for your cat to live a happy life. I do however, find it funny how stray cats get quite large once they settle in a nice home.

  4. Raven makes a perfect picture. Isnt he the cat in the picture I saw a good long while ago? The one with the sunbeam on his head? Its the picture that made me follow your blog back when I was doing lifewith4cats. He looks ready to stalk something.

    • I am so happy to see your back, Zenmaiden. Actually, the cat from way back is Nettles. And your right about Raven in this shot. He is staling another cat of ours that he loves to terrorize.

  5. I do not believe you.. you are a cat person lol. I know I’m not but I am happy you rescued this cutie. I can’t see his face but I know raven is a cutie. Wonderful photo.. I love how you captured what raven was looking at

  6. You should be an angel for cats… I loved the Raven and the photograph… As I told before, my Princess was rescued by a very nice and kindful couple like you and then she is with me for a few years… My other cat died because of cancer and I was so upset, when our vet phoned me one day, and told me that Nia there is something here calling you… I couldn’t go there but my love went instead of me… When he came back there was a little chocolate box. He put on the floor and suddenly opened a little kitten was there… She looked at me I was sitting my my armchair…. This lovely kitten walked towards me but following my other cat’s way (this was inteeresting) and she jumped to my lap and stood as my old cat… I cried and I kissed her. As if my cat came back… I felt like that… when I phoned to my vet for to thank, he said that when I saw this little kitten I told myself this one came to be Nia’s cat…. I love cats so much… so much. Thank you dear Lionel, Blessing and Happiness for you all, there. With my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. Thanks for your story. It seems that no matter what shape, color, or form your favorite cat will always return to you.

  7. I think you and Sheila are the best for giving Raven a wonderful home. I love the picture of her (but that’s no surprise, I’ve never seen a picture from you that I didn’t like!). Great story, so rich in love all the way around.

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