She may not look like it, but this little girl in the photo above is a wild one. Her name is Terra and she hates just about every cat we have. If one even looks at her for more than a few seconds, it’s on. The strange thing is that when we first got her as a kitten, she was adorable. You could hold and stroke her, and she even slept with us at night. As soon as she got outside however, things changed. For Terra, it was the call of the wild. She refused to come inside, would hiss and take swipes at any cat that got near her. We even bought a big dog house large enough for all the outside cats to sleep in with room to spare. The problem was that she liked to sleep by the entrance of the dog house, and instead of dealing with her nasty temper, the other cats would rather sleep out in the cold or rain then to deal with her. This of course led to the endless array of boxes, dog houses, and beds that line our covered deck to accommodate everyone else. Sheila and I are lucky if we can even get close enough to scratch her chin. In fact, since Terra refuses to groom herself, Sheila has to trick her into a box with some food so she can run up to the vet where they put Terra under so she can bathe and brush her. Then she has to get home before Terra wakes up so she can release her back into the wild so to speak. Despite all of this I really do like her, and although she is generally distant, she can be sweet when she wants to be. In this photo I happened to catch her sleeping in the sunlight standing up.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 85 1.2 L, ISO 100, 1/1000 @ f/3.5


10 Comments on “Terra

  1. What a great shot you captured of her! And an amazing story of her change by being in her element. I betit gets harder and harder to get her into the box but maybe she anticipates the need for grooming and somehow gives on, even subconsciously? Thanks for sharing her with us.

    • Thank you very much Robin. One would think that as smart as cats are, they would get wise to the game. All I can say is don’t under estimate the power of some fresh roasted chicken.

  2. Wow, what a behavior turn. Our cats do 180s too. One of them went from the most person friendly cat, to an outright hater of children and most women adults. Another of ours slept in the same spot in the bed for years, and now won’t even get in the bed. Sounds like Terra wanted to be queen of the wild things which is funny because I’ve never seen a calico cat that wasn’t a softie. Great shot on the cat and love the back lighting.

    • Thanks Brandon. You know, I’ve many times over the years that calicos were ornery. We’ve had quite a few over the years and yet she is the only one to act this way.

  3. I know she’s just catching a few zzz’s under the rays but with her back-story in mind I imagine her bowing her head in regret, ashamed by her own bed-tempered misdemeanour’s haha. More likely she’s just dreaming of chicken or terrorising mice 😉 it’s hard to avoid projecting human emotions onto our pets! She looks so gentle and harmless in this photo, you’d never guess she was such a little hell-raiser! Nice shot

    • Thanks Tania. Terra regret? Never. Don’t let those closed eyes fool you. If you were a cat, you don’t want to be this close when they’re open. 🙂

  4. She sounds too much of a problem for me to deal with lol. I couldn’t even have her because I have allergies. But she definitely is pretty and I’m surprised she allowed you to take this great photo

    • Trust me Kay somedays I wish I had allergies. But then she gives me that mournful cry and she’s got me. As far as taking the shot of Terra, I can only get one when she lets me. 🙂

  5. They are all different like us… 🙂 You captured such a nice moment of her… I loved so much. Thank you dear Lionel, with my love, nia

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