A trip to the emporium

As I stated in the previous post, yard/estate sales are not my cup of tea. The same goes for antique stores. Here in Frederick county MD where I live, These stores are everywhere, and trust me, I have seemed to wind up in most of them. Whenever Sheila and I just want to get out of the house, we sometimes will go to a few of these stores. I always bring my camera on the off chance that something will catch my eye. This creepy looking doll’s head resting on a piece of dollhouse furniture certainly did.

Canon 5D mark II, ISO 400, 1/80 @ f/2


8 Comments on “A trip to the emporium

  1. That doll’s head is creepy. I don’t even want to look at it long because it reminds me of Chucky LOL. Great photo.. but this will probably be the first, and only time, I won’t view one of your photos for a second time LOL

  2. I am also fascinated by old dolls – My dad bought a ceramic dolls head from an antiques fair when I was little – the ones with NO EYES, just holes there….super creepy. Yet the first thing I did was paint luminescent paint around it’s eyes so it also glowed in the dark – clearly it wasn’t quite creepy enough for me already!! I liked how strange it was. This is good too – not your typical dressing table ornament!!

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