The angel, the fountain, and the O street mansion

Last fall the family and I went to a place in D.C. called the O street mansion. As the name implies, it is a mansion on O street that has 100 rooms and 32 secret doors. Eccentric does not even begin to describe this place. There is artwork, furniture and just plain stuff of all types that fills every nook and cranny of this house. Every room has a different theme, so no two rooms look like they even match. Picture Goodwill, A high end antique store, and every design idea for the last 100 years and there you have it. We were here on this day because once a year they have a sale on most every thing in all of the rooms, and Sheila and Lisa wanted to see what kind of interesting things they could maybe pickup. Charles, the kids and I mostly killed our time by checking out  the bizarre rooms and looking for the secret doors. If I remember correctly, we only found about a handful. The shot above is an angel that was part of an old fountain outside in front of the building.

Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 250, 1/80 @ f/4


10 Comments on “The angel, the fountain, and the O street mansion

  1. Sounds like a very cool place. Love the description of it being part Goodwill, part high-end antique! If they have this sale every year, do they then refurnish and sell again the next year?

    • It is a unique place indeed Robin. I assume they replenish every year. You can actually spend the night here. They also have murder mystery dinners here as well.

  2. Oh, I like the sound of that house, perfect setting for an adventure…I especially like the idea of those 32 hidden doors, I would have definitely joined you in the search…Lovely photo, too, and I really like the spider web detail, it makes it look so old and undisturbed 🙂

  3. This is a lovely photo! I used to live near DC (Arlington) but I never heard of this place. It sounds like just the kind of place I would have wanted to check out while I was living there. You caught a lot of great detail in the fountain and I like how your composition focuses the eye on the angel.

  4. I wish I could visit this place and just take a bunch of photos. You know how I am about architecture, and this place just sounds like it’s right up my alley my friend. I have to keep the name of this mansion handy.. so if I’m in town I can visit. Beautiful shot as always 🙂

    • Thank you Kay. this place is also some sort of hotel. I would love to see how you would find spending the night here with all that stuff.

  5. Wow, amazing photos on your blog! Lovely shot here, something tender about it – giving something clearly neglected (nice spider web detail), some attention it deserves

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