Hope everyone had a nice holiday

It has really been awhile since my last post and let me say outright that it sucks. I enjoy doing this so much and really appreciate those of you who follow me that also write some amazing blogs. My workload has been so much that I even have about 6000 unanswered emails. I really didn’t want to post anything until I at least had a chance to catch up and comment on all of your blogs, but as those of you who know me know that I like to pick up where I left off and proceed until I am current. Well that proved to be a daunting task and I have decided to post some things in between catching up on all of you. So bear with me as I will see all of you soon. In the meantime, here is a shot to ring in the new year even though the holidays may be over.(hey, it’s still Christmas to me) It is of my living room that we decorated for Christmas. This was the first year that we had Christmas at our house in many years, so it was really special for Sheila and I.

Tech: Canon 5D mark II, EF 24-70 L 2.8, ISO 100,4 sec @f/11


16 Comments on “Hope everyone had a nice holiday

  1. Your living room looks magical, Lionel…All that’s missing in there is the real Santa warming up by the fire…I love the decorations and the warmth that comes through from the photo. And your wooden floor is to die for…
    Happy New Year to you and Sheila. x

    • Thanks Didi. It was nice this year although I don’t know if our Sia would have liked finding Santa breaking into our house.

  2. What a gorgeous room and beautifully decorated. I love the lights coming across the long windows. It must have been a lovely holiday there. Do you play the piano? Thanks for sharing your space with us!

    • Thank you Robin. No, I don’t play the piano, but Sheila does, and at that only occasionally. Maybe now that the room is done(I recently renovated the room) she may be more inclined to play.

  3. Spiderpaw, my friend, your home is absolutely beautiful! You and Sheila have outdone yourselves with this warm and inviting room. And I agree, I still feel like I’m on Christmas mode for some strange reason lol. I’m still enjoying the Christmas lights still up in neighborhoods.. it just went by so fast for me. Thanks for the glimpse into your amazing life and don’t worry.. your loyal followers (like myself) aren’t going anywhere 🙂

    • Yes it is our living room Kim although with the decorations, it appears to be a little too fancy than it really is.

  4. I like the colors, very bright and cheery!! Good job 🙂

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