The Lost Boys

I had some time off last weekend (rare) so I spent saturday hanging with the “Occupy D.C.”(local version of “Occupy Wall Street”) protesters that I am sure everyone has heard about in the news lately. But since I have to sort through about 1000 photos I took that day, that post will have to wait a bit longer for me to put up. Besides, I don’t want to leave out any details of me sitting in on the meetings, hanging out at the rally, following the march, eating food from all over the world from the “Taste of D.C. Festival”, and oh, almost getting doused with pepper spray while nearly having about five thousand dollars worth of gear snatched off my neck. Having said all that, the next few posts will be a bit light, even though they are shots that I have been meaning to put up anyway. The photo above is from a place called “The Old Lucketts Store” which is an old, very large house that is crammed full of antiques, designer pieces, architecture from old buildings and everything in between. There is stuff spilling out the house onto the huge wrap around porch, and into the yard where there are huts and sheds filled with stuff everywhere. Sheila loves coming here. I’m not too much of an “antique” guy, but I love coming here because from a photographer’s viewpoint, this place has a lot of stuff too shoot and somethings I’ll shoot over and over again because I can become obsessed like that. In the shot above are some fountain pieces that have been there for ever. Every time I come here I always stop and shoot these statues for reasons I just can’t explain. I know our friend Kay would pass out if she saw this place. I also plan to post a series on this old house when I get the time.

Tech:Canon 5D markII, Ef 24-70 L 2.8, ISO 100, 1/250@ f/2.8


19 Comments on “The Lost Boys

  1. Excellent work here. ‘Almost doused with pepper spray’!!!! Sounds like an interesting day indeed, can’t wait to see more.

  2. Hi (If your interested) I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. All the details are in my site. Excellent work. Cheers

  3. You bet your a** I’d pass out if I saw this place. I feel like getting in my car and meeting you guys one weekend to visit this place. Seriously. I’m not a huge antique person, but I love old things I can re-use and find new purpose for. And those fountain statues, I’d love to put one in my closet if I had a walk in. I can just imagine what I could do with it. And I am so happy you were safe out there with the protestors. It has been hectic around here with everything that’s going on. I know you got some cool shots and I can’t wait to see them.

  4. Hey Spiderpaw,
    This sounds like a great place to hang out a shoot!

    I may head out to Los Angeles this weekend and shoot there version of Occupy LA.
    Speaking of tear gas, one day I will share with you my tear gas experience in Berkeley.

  5. Lovely looking lads…They’re wearing angel wings, aren’t they? I can see why Sheila likes it there. I can’t wait for more photos…

    • Yes those are angel wings Didi, and I cant wait to show you a surprise I have of something I shot while at Lucketts for you and my friend George.

    • Thanks for checking in Kay. I’m back. And I miss everyone. Expect to see me catch on everything at the Plex ( I’m hip like that ya know) by the weekend. I can’t wait. I miss blogging so much. It keeps me sane.

  6. Hello Ms Kay! We did have a very nice Christmas and I hope that yours was good as well. I just know that the new year will be great too.

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