Will You Come Out And Play?

It is always nice when Rachael and Kallin spend the night with Sheila and I as we have a certain tradition we follow for such an event. First, we go out for a nice meal where we plan for the second part of the evening, which is what horror movie are we going to watch. Second, we watch said horror movie in our basement where I built a home theater, which is prefect for us to sit huddled together on the sofa in the dark, with 5.1 surround sound cranked so high that every creak, door slam, or  scream is loud enough to punch a hole in your chest. This keeps us jumping, gasping and screaming (yes, I scream a little louder than the kids sometimes) until the movie is over. Lastly, we get up the following morning to a big breakfast which always feature Sheila’s homemade buttermilk biscuits. Since we knew the kids were coming for a sleepover, I decided to once again take advantage of the situation and plan a little photo shoot. The shoot is loosely based on a series of stories that Rachael had written which is a tale of two fairies. One, who is good lives in the forest with other fairies. The other, who is evil, wants to be the only fairy and thus turns the others into pig people to serve as her minions. In this shot, a woman who lives in a cabin in the woods wakes up one night to see a cute little fairy outside her window. Little does she know that pigboy is on the roof waiting and things aren’t quite what they seem.

Tech:Canon 5D markII, Ef 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 1600 1/15 @ f/5.6


35 Comments on “Will You Come Out And Play?

  1. Before I read your post, I looked at the photo and thought to myself that it looks like it’s taken on a movie set….I absolutely love it, and those kids are superstars!

    Scary movies, at full surround sound, in a basement…??? Oh, I don’t think my nerves could cope with that!

    • Thank you Didi. These kids are superstars for sure. More importantly, I am grateful for them letting me put crazy outfits on them for a simple photo.

  2. This is such an incredible shot. And I won’t even mention that you scream louder than the kids in any of my future post LOL. And did someone say buttermilk biscuits? That just sounds sweet to my ears. As always.. I love this.

    • Thank you Kay. You know, I always swear that I won’t jump or scream during the movie, but usually within the first five to ten minutes of a movie I am the first one to jump and let out an “Oh Snap!” and at that point all my reserve goes right out the window. Sheila’s biscuits were so good this time, that there were almost none left when their parents came to pick them up. 🙂

    • I thank for the lighting comment Michael. I have to admit I may have fussed a little bit too much on the lights while shooting, but I guess all that matters is the end result. As far as family and biscuits are concerned, you are dead on. This is why Sheila usually only makes them when the kids are over. To me it makes a nice memory. As far as the next chapter is concerned, I will leave that to Ms. Rachael, but be assured that she will have something great for me to work with.

  3. This sounds so fun! I love it! Imagination is alive and well at your house. 🙂 Also you captured all the elements of a fairy tail in the photo. The pig boy looks like trouble about to happen, An innocent fairy accomplise and a simple farmers wife. You and yours have such a rich life.

    • Thank you Sara. We have imagination for days here in our household. I am also happy that everyone understands the photo. I totally dig pig boy. I had to use one my extension ladders to get him up on the roof, and Sheila was not too thrilled about that. But as usual, she was a good sport and let him stay up until the shoot was over.

  4. It would seem that fantasy and photography go so well together, well they
    do when you are in charge of the camera and a very good photograph as a
    result, I also like the idea of watching the Horror films in your basement, a
    very wicked and thought provoking location that will have many positives 🙂

    Have a great rest of day and
    an exciting evening also Spiderpaw…


    • Thank you Andro. And your right about the basement. I feel that when you watch a horror movie, atmosphere is everything.

  5. you do not know how long that took goshh spiders and bugs all around me in the woods ichy from bugs and poison ivy … haha but its a great shot yaya (: !!!! i luv it !

    • Thank you Rachael. I agree it was a long crazy shoot. But just remember, when you become that world famous dancing supermodel and best selling author, you can tell the whole world that you suffered for your art. 🙂

  6. Simply amazing. I’m glad you stopped by my blog so I had the opportunity to see your art. My first impression was that your photo was from a Spielberg movie. If this is your hobby I can’t imagine what your profession is. Well done.

  7. Everyone looks so cool — and real — in this storyline. Very special that Rachael wrote this! And that you captured her words in images. I enjoyed being witness to the family’s art. I don’t have the courage to watch horror movies but it sounds like you have devised the right place to cuddle together to ease the anxiety!

  8. Thanks Robin. Hopefully Ms. Rachael will have something new to add to the story line sometime in the future and we can post another photo as part of a series.

    • Thanks Kim my friend. Speaking of atmospheric, I was going to buy a fog machine for this shot, but the guy at the store only had the large one which was $150.00 and I wasn’t going to spend that kind of loot for just one shot.

  9. A movie theatre in the basement – fantastic! My son likes horror films & I never used to, but now do. NOW the problem is, we’ve seen almost all of them at the video store and there’s so many lame ones it’s too often disappointing. Great blog & photos.

    • Thank you. I agree with you about the slim pickings for horror movies. with netflix and other sources, the kids and I have a hard time finding a suitable one for movie night.

  10. I just read your comment on another blog – you have 12 CATS!! This is my dream – to have a house and a lot of cats. Oh, your place must be awesome. I say again – the picture above is just great 🙂

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