These days with my life being as busy as it it is, I still shoot when I can. That means either shooting early in the morning, or after work. Recently I have been doing the latter. As of late, I have been going to one of the closest mountains to me called “Sugarloaf”. As far as mountains go, it is not very big, but the views are decent and the forrest along the trails is quite nice. The only problem for me is that if I get there too late in the day, there isn’t enough daylight to shoot in the forrest as the canopy is a bit thick.  When I find myself  in such a situation, I will go to my favorite spot on the mountain – a big rock formation that is few hundred yards long and at least 80 feet high.  The nice thing about this spot is that A: It is not too far off one of the trails, and B: there is very little canopy above this formation, so I have enough light to shoot for hours, and I usually do. While everyone else are walking the trails to the summit, or gazing over one of the overlooks, I am quite content to stay at this big rock formation shooting from every angle, playing with filters, or just studying the rocks themselves. I find it amazing how millions of years of being in every kind of weather has shifted, carved, or simply eroded these rocks to the state that they are in today.

Tech Canon 5D markII, Ef 24-70 2.8 L, ISO 100, .3 sec @ f/8


19 Comments on “Sugarloaf

    • Your right, Didex. That is why this spot has been my favorite part of the mountain for years. If you look closely, there is a den or small cave to the left. Makes me wonder who or what slept in there for the last thousand years.

    • Thank you Michael. That is why I can spend hours here. Some of the erosion layers on these rocks can keep one looking for days.

  1. I liked this, along with your observations. This might have been a Jurrasic scene, all it’s missing is the dinosaur. I too notice rocks and erosion. Cool!

  2. Nice formation, from that angle, the shape reminds me a little of the Sphynx in the Bucegi mountains (part of the Carpathians), only that one stands on it’s own (you’ll see what I mean if you Google it). I can see why you like this place so much.

    • I’m glad you like it, Lionel. I thought you would…I haven’t been there myself for about 5 years…I’ll take you with me next time I go 😉

  3. You have definitely chosen a good location here my friend,
    and you are right about erosion through weather, but that is
    what makes these photographs so exciting don’t you think?
    Have a wonderful rest of weekend now Spiderpaw 🙂


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