The Dreamer’s Dream

First and foremost, This post is a dedication to fellow blogger Kay from Pure Complex who has, among others, supported me and this site with awards and feature stories that I need to repay, so I figured that this is one way to do it. She recently  had a post to honor The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the anniversary of the “I have a dream” speech”. This post reminded me of the some photos I took back in April of the memorial before it was finished and all I got was a head shot of Mr. King gazing over a green privacy fence. At the time, I thought that I would submit said photos in a post titled “He’s Coming” or something like that, but then I thought A) That’s way to corny, and B) why not wait until the memorial is done and then get some shots and submit a post. Obviously, I chose the latter. As of a week ago, the mayor of D.C. opened the memorial to the public a full week before the dedication. As much I tried, due to my work schedule,(no need to beat a dead horse) I just couldn’t make the trek to the site to get some photos. Anyway, due to Irene blowing in (pun intended) and canceling the dedication, I was able to scrape a little time off and bring Sheila to the site without the 250,000 people they were expecting to attend. After spending a long time at the site and getting shots from every angle including shots of all the quotes from different speeches, it wasn’t until I got home and started writing this post that I got to reflect on who Mr. King was and what his dream means to me. It means that I earn a good living with my own construction company. It means that I can kiss Sheila in public if I want to because I truly love her (and she’s so damn pretty). And it means that I can share life experiences through photos and the written word with my fellow bloggers (see the blog roll) from all over the world and realize that the quest for knowledge is the most innate human instinct that ties us all together.

Peace, Lionel


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19 Comments on “The Dreamer’s Dream

  1. This is touching. I felt a sense of despair because I knew I couldn’t make it to the ceremony (this is before Hurricane Irene came and wrecked havoc lol). Then I see this post, and these photos, and I’m blown away. Dr. King’s message inspires me everyday.. we all deserve equality and we all deserve to be free of negativity and hatred. I’m so moved and touched you dedicated this to me.. I just don’t know what to say and that doesn’t happen very much. It’s hard for me to see right now lol. But I will say, you and your family will ALWAYS have a friend in me. And you never need to repay anything.. you deserved those features and those awards. I appreciate you, and I admire your work.

    • Thanks for sharing those very nice thoughts Kay. I must admit that even though it was sad the ceremony was cancelled, the threat of Irene cut me a lucky break. There would have been a ton of people there and I know that I would have had to fight for space to get my shots. Sounds selfish I know, but this way I got to enjoy the memorial at my own pace.

  2. Lionel,

    Your photography is fabulous, and your writing is most meaningful.
    Keep up that photography!!
    You are an artist in all you do. Our house looks great because of the

    great work you did.

    Jen and John

    • Thanks so much for your nice words. And I am glad you are happy with the house. Hopefully I can bring Sheila up soon for a look.

  3. This is an exceptional post! The words on that plaque are also very powerfull. If all the world could ‘feel’ this desire. I too find amazement in this medium of blogging. How it is, so many peoples around the world find common ground within intelligent discussion. Amazing, isn’t it?

  4. This post is truly remarkable!
    Love the way you were able to catch the emotion of this amazing man and one of my all time heroes,
    Hopefully our children will never forget what he stood for and how he help shape not only American history but world history also.

    I’m trying to get there next month if the weather permits.

    • Thank you Michael. I agree about not letting our children forget. I really can’t wait to see your shots when your done.

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