The Temple

Due to the tremendous heatwave that apparently 140 million of us in the United States suffered through last week, it stands to reason that only the truly insane (like myself) would even venture out into what seemed like hell on earth to get any kind of shooting done. Since I am so behind on my shooting schedule, I had planned to get some shots in Baltimore with a friend, but due to the heat index being 115 degrees, that idea was scrapped quick. This was a real shame, since there was some great architecture that I had my eye on, and I was desperate to capture it before the idea left my head. There comes a point however, when I start to lose my mind, and almost nothing will keep me from shooting something no matter what the weather. I decided to drive to downtown Frederick (an old standby) to at least capture some of the old buildings in the town. Even though I’ve shot almost everything Frederick has to offer, I often shoot things over and over again to get different perspectives and keep myself in the game. As I got out of the car with my gear I quickly realized that this would be a very short jaunt. After shooting a few buildings, I was sweating so bad that it started dripping all over my camera. Not good. I was about to jet back to my car when I noticed the top of an old building from a few blocks away. From my vantage point I knew it had to be one of the tallest buildings in Frederick, so I navigated my way through the streets until I found it. The Masonic Temple. I never even knew there was one here. As I panned my eyes down to street level I quickly realized why. The first floor is now a hairdressing school. The building itself is quite nice, but all I cared about was the top. I stood across the street and clicked away for about five minutes and then decided to get home before I would drop dead on the sidewalk. If there is one thing I have learned in all these years of taking photos, it is that perseverance pays off. Sure I could have waited another day when it was much cooler, but then it wouldn’t be the same shot. Even if it was the same time of day. Life is what you make of it. and you should make it right now.

Tech:Canon 5D markII, Ef 70-200 L 4 IS, ISO 160, 1/200@f/8


12 Comments on “The Temple

  1. Love the picture. It does seem as if you can feel the heat, even before reading your story. The dark sky is perfect for the shot. And I admire your wisdom and advice that we should make NOW of life all it has to offer for us. Thanks for the inspiration today.

  2. The heatwave was just unbearable here. Although I am thankful for being a live to see it, I was so happy when it went away. Very beautiful photo. Love the new post

    • Thanks Kay. I totally sympathize with you as I had lived in a big city. As much as I can’t stand the heat where I live, I know the big city heat can be worse. Especially at night. Try to stay cool.

  3. and to think, a humans hands carved the top of that. Your commentors are right. The B+W fairly shouts suns heat with all that clear contrast I see in the edges.

    • Thanks Greg. You the one good thing about this massive heatwave is that for better or worse, we’re all in this together.

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