It has been awhile since my last post, but now I am slowly getting back to normal regarding posting, and more importantly, catching up on my fellow bloggers. (for those of you who haven’t seen a comment from me in awhile, don’t worry, as I will catch up to you in full as soon as possible) For right now I am posting a pic of the lovely Rachael during a dance recital that she has once a year. The title of the dance was called Jumanji because as you can see, the dance was tribal. This was the third year for her recital and I can tell you, she gets better every year. The first year we were told no cameras so I didn’t bring one. The second year I brought one anyway, and despite having good seats, the spot I was in was not conducive for getting a good shot. This year we had seats in the balcony above the stage and in the front row. This proved to be great in the aspect that I could use the balcony ledge as support to steady my shots, which turned out great because Rachael was so fantastic, it would have been upsetting for me to miss any shots from such a wonderful performance.

Tech:Canon 5D markII, Ef 70 – 200 L 4 IS, ISO 1600, 1/640 @f/4


17 Comments on “Jumanji

    • Thanks Robin. I am happy with the lighting too as there was no flash allowed and the theater was awful dark.

  1. Wow, this is really interesting. Its not everyday one gets to see an action shot like this. Plus I have no idea how the girl above Rachel can jump that high. ALl I can see is her feet. 🙂

    • What’s up Sara. The girl in the back is actually jumping down off of some steps in the background.

    • hello im rachael and the girl behind me is one of my good friends and she is jumping off 3 big boxs

    • Thanks Kay. The recital was pretty good, although her dance did not go on until after the first intermission. But then Rachael is always worth the wait.

  2. Love the moment when you take the picture… Wonderful Shoot Lionel, great job 🙂

    • Thanks for the nice words Didex. I don’t get to do much live events, so to do one with Rachael was great.

  3. I used to keep photgraphy books of ballet dancers to use as inspiration for drawing humans. Hope it was ok, I copy pasted this pic to my desktop.I may use it as a springboard to paint some type of forest pixie mabee with wings. If I do, Ill definitely post the finished product. 🙂

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