How to ollie over your sister and not kill her

About a month ago, Rachael and Kallin came over to our house to visit with their mom. As Sheila and Lisa begin their conversation, the kids and I begin ours. After the usual “What’s up” and “How’s school”, Kallin turns to me and says “Wanna see me ollie over Rachael?” My answer was quick, but before I gave it I looked to Rachael and saw the big grin on her face. “Okay!” I replied, “but let’s check with your mom first.” I grabbed my gear and ran out of the back door with the kids to find their mom in mid conversation with Sheila in our yard. Kallin waited for a pause in their conversation and quickly jumped in with ” Hey mom, can YaYa (that’s what they call me) get a picture of me doing an ollie over Rachael?”  For about a second, Lisa was silent and judging by the look on her face, she was processing the question her son had just posed to her. “I don’t think that’s a good Idea” she replied. At first , the kids and I just stood there without saying a word. At this point, my recollections of the conversation went a bit fuzzy due to the fact that as me being the somewhat responsible adult in our little trio, I had no argument against Lisa’s fair response to our exciting yet slightly dangerous proposal. After all, we don’t want our Rachael getting hurt. That’s when Kallin stepped up to the plate like a champ. “But we’ve done it before” he said. Lisa looked at us for a moment, and finally said “Okay. Just be careful.” Lisa is a very good mother and  I’m sure that her answer came from the fact that she, as I, had total and complete faith in her son and his ability. The kids and I wasted no time in getting to the street in front of my house and setting up the shot. We picked a flat spot in front of my house for the jump and Kallin figured the best distance for him to start his run. Since the street in front of my house has a steady incline to the top of the road, too far up and he would have been going way too fast for his jump, and if he was too far down he wouldn’t have the lift he needed to clear Rachael. All the while I had Rachael stand in the jump site so I could get my camera set and assume my position for the shot. After a couple of practice runs with no Rachael, It was time to get down to business. As Kallin walked back up the street for his final run, I told him to let me know when he was ready. As soon as Rachael took her spot on the street, I heard Kallin shout “Okay!” “I’m ready!” “Go!” I replied. As I heard the wheels of Kallin’s Skateboard grinding against the asphalt to my left, I noticed how Rachael laid herself flat face down into the street. It was then I realized that maybe this was not a good Idea. Despite the dramatic title of this post, it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be killed, or even a suffer a serious injury. Yet still, as much as she was a willing participant in this daredevil stunt, I did not want her to even get a scratch. But, as they say, the wheels were already in motion (no pun intended) and there was no turning back. I regained my composure and panned my camera on Kallin as he inched his way towards Rachael. It was when he got within a foot of Rachael that I pushed the shutter button and did not let go until the event was over. Well? Did he make it, or did Rachael get clipped, sending the three of us to the proverbial doghouse? Click HERE to find out.

Tech:Canon 5D mark II, Ef 70-200 L IS, ISO 160, 1/1000 @f/5.6


12 Comments on “How to ollie over your sister and not kill her

  1. I can’t believe you spiderpaw, you are really one of the kids lol. But you’ve captured a beautiful photo. it reminds me of the photographer I featured with the fluid movement piece. This is just phenomenal. Great job 🙂

  2. I love this shot, especially the way you’ve taken it just before h is over her, leaves you in suspense!

  3. Lovely photo, and Kallin looks very profficient with that skateboard. I haven’t clicked the button yet to see what happened, but my guess would be that the trick ended successfully. Now I’ll go and see if I’m right.

  4. Perfect timing Lionel!
    This kind of picture makes me excited to get my camera and go out searching for great moments like this on the street all the time.
    What you did was so great 🙂

    • Thank you Novri. The 5D markII is not as fast as my 40D, but all those years of shooting film taught me to plan my shots. For what it’s worth I feel the same way when I come to your site. And your brothers. 🙂

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