The Creek

Spring is just starting to set in and as such, nothing beats a beautiful winding creek.

Tech:Canon 5D mark II, Ef 70-200 L 4 IS, ISO 200, 1/100@f16


9 Comments on “The Creek

  1. When I was a youth I used to pretend that boulders sticking up from water were continents, and the water like this water, was an ocean. The moss on the leftmost rock becomes a deep forest.

    Thanks for the little trip down memory lane.

    • How Ironic Sara. Sheila and I were in the Outer Hebrides of the coast of Scotland some years ago to find her family home. It was a very small thatched cottage near a Lochen (very small pond) that she had to bath in. She hated bathing in the lochen because it was cold and there were two large boulders that she had to sit on before she got in. The boulders were so big that her feet would dangle above the water making the lochen look more like a loch. As it turns out, when we finally found the ruins of the cottage, the lochen was very small and the two boulders were only a little bit bigger than the mossy rock in the middle of this photo.

      • Its amazing how much bigger the world seemed when we were little tots. Im glad you guys were able to locate it, if it was in ruins that must have been very difficult. What with looking for something that was so much smaller than memory.

    • I know Dacia. Soon it will be warm enough to go creek jumping with the dog and I can get shots inside the creek.

  2. Spiderpaw you did it again. Somehow you are able to capture one small moment and make it a story. You’re photography is simplistically wonderful.

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