I feel so freshly Pressed

No photos today, but a big thank you to wordpress and all of the fellow bloggers for me getting the nod for the Freshly Pressed on the wordpress front page. I must note however, that a very kind and talented fellow blogger  Baby Girl featured me on her site Pure Complex earlier in the month and even though I thanked her on her site, what I really should have done was thank her on mine. So thanks again BG. For all of my subscribers before I got this honor (and you know who you are), I thank you for your nice comments that kept me and my blog rolling along. To all of you nice people who found me from Freshly Pressed and wrote the nice comments on my photos, I have spent the night replying to you all and trust me, whether it was three or thirty words, the sincerity and gratefulness is the same. Please be sure to check out the blogroll at the end of each page for the other gifted writers, artists, and photographers that work very hard at what they do and fully support other bloggers in the process. Besides, I am sure that many of you in the very near future will be added to that same list.

Cheers, Lionel


7 Comments on “I feel so freshly Pressed

      • I am just so excited for you. I think it had nothing to do with me, your work is just amazing. Remind me to hire you if I ever get married.. just don’t charge me an arm and a leg lmao. Congrats again 🙂

  1. Oh, I didn’t know you got Freshly Pressed, Lionel. How come all the exciting things happen when I’m away? Anway, congratulations (better late than never, right?). I’m chuffed for you, well deserved. I’m privileged to be one of your pre-FP blogging friends 🙂

    • Thanks Didi. I don’t know either, but I am flattered. The best thing is that people can get a chance to enjoy the work of my fellow bloggers.

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  3. Freshly Pressed! How did I miss that!! How fantastic, & huge congrats to you. I love your photos, and your whole page. It’s a total mood. Wonderful to be here 🙂

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