Chess in the circle

I posted this photo because it takes me back to an earlier time when I actually lived here. This is Dupont circle in Washington D.C.. Today the circle is full of life with people playing music, having picnics, enjoying the weather, and playing games like chess as the men in this picture are doing. The truth is, when I lived here, things were much different. The only people in the park was us punk rock kids with a few of our homeless friends and even fewer locals. People passed out drunk on the grass in the middle of the day, the fountain almost never worked, fights broke out all the time, and the last thing you would ever see is someone playing chess. Yet I still loved this place because it was home. Now the park is clean (for the most part), and everyone and their mom hangs out in the here. The fountain runs 24/7, and people engage one another as if it was some sort of speed dating social. Nonetheless everyone has the right to enjoy their neighborhood as they see fit. All I know is that this one is no longer mine.

Tech:Canon 40D, Ef 85mm 1.8, ISO 250, 1/250@f4


2 Comments on “Chess in the circle

  1. This photo is definitely saying alot. The concentration of the players, the interest of passer bys, I love this photo. Very nice.

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