Come and get me

I shot this photo a few years back after a summer rain, which is one of my favorite times to shoot. For some reason, this was the only ladybug out that day, right in the middle of Sheila’s rose garden. At the time the only macro lens I had was the Efs 60mm macro lens. Not the best choice in a lens considering the fact that he kept jumping around from leaf to leaf and going deeper into the rose bush as he went. As he kept evading me, I had to mind my feet, as not to trample some of Sheila’s smaller flowers. Using the 60 meant I had to get in close to get a decent shot. I’ve mentioned this before. After dancing around the garden for about five minutes, he finally settled down deep within the rose bush. That’s where I got this shot. Considering he was tying to hide behind the rosebud in the foreground, it wasn’t the best circumstance for the shot, but then I don’t care. All I wanted was to see if he had any water left on him from the rain, and he did. It would have been nice to have gotten this shot with a 100mm macro (I think I’m going to sell some lenses to buy one), but I didn’t, so I’m not going to cry over it. In the end, I did not get the shot I wanted, But I did get the shot I needed, and for that I am happy.

Tech:Canon 40D, Efs 60mm 2.8, ISO 160, 1/200@f/4


4 Comments on “Come and get me

  1. I love the color on this ladybug. You really enhanced the ladybugs beauty within the green leaves. I love this.. I’m telling you, your eye is amazing.

    • Thanks BG. I like the color as well, which is why I wanted to shoot this bug with his naturally occurring red color.

    • Thanks Cindi. You’re right about the rain. When I shoot flowers, I prefer if it is after the rain if possible.

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