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This is Corran. He been featured in previous posts. This past saturday night while I was in my office working on my photos, I noticed a funny smell in the air that seemed familiar to me. I rushed to the kitchen to find Sheila at the table reading. “Do you smell that?” I asked. “Yes I do” she replied. “What is it?” Instead of replying, I walked out the front door and onto the porch. Immediately I was confronted with the most foul, pungent, nostril hair burning smell known to man. A skunk. At first I tried not to panic as I live in the country and to have a skunk walk through your yard, get spooked, squirt a little stink juice and move on is normal. This smell however, was not normal. It was in fact, massive. Sheila gave me a look of sheer panic. “where’s Corran?” she asked. “I don’t know” I replied. I started calling for him. No reply. I called for him again. Nothing. Finally, he slowly crept towards me out of the darkness and I knew. He got within two feet of me and my worst fears were confirmed. Corran it seems, wound up on the losing end of a skunk fight. We’ve been through this before with other dogs, so I asked Sheila if we had any tomato juice. She ran in the house and came back with a small one ounce can of tomato paste. There was nothing I could do as it was 1:30 in the morning and this was all we had. We rubbed the paste with some warm water into his fur to no avail. The smell was still there and all this did was turn his fur into a burnt orange color. We decided to give up and try again sunday morning. Before I went to bed I went online to see if the pet stores carried anything better to remove the smell. They do. Only one problem. On sundays around here, the stores don’t open until 11am. Great. Until then we had to endure this rancid smell until dawn. The fumes were so bad that it burned my eyes. I hardly slept. Finally sunday came and we got our magic potion. We soaked him as per the instructions on the bottle, and the smell in his fur slowly went away. This was just the beginning. As it turns out, the reason the smell was in the house without him even stepping one paw inside was due to the fact that the night before he had rubbed himself and the smell all over the outside doors of the house. And on the deck. And on the front porch. Inside and outside of his dog house. Patio furniture. Everywhere. Needless to say we spent the next six hours cleaning everything. Sheila washed the doors, deck, etc. while I had to dismantle his dog house and wash it and all of his blankets (12 in all) by hand over and over again until the smell was gone. As for Corran, he slept all day in the sun in the front yard oblivious to the fact that I had just lost my only day off to this fiasco. I was furious. I had planned to spend the day in D.C. to get some photos. It has been a long time since I was able to go out shooting all day. Here I am cleaning up his mess and the only acknowledgment from Corran was a one eyed yawn in between naps. As the day wore on, my anger simply went away. It wasn’t his fault. He was just doing what a dog does. As all dogs do. Besides, he is a very sweet dog and it’s hard to stay mad at a loyal, loving dog like him. By the end of the day,  I was exhausted. As I sat on my front porch with a beer in my left hand and Corran under my right arm, I asked him to please refrain from chasing skunks anymore. As usual, he looked up at me with an expression that said “Fat chance.”

Tech:Canon 40D, Ef 70-200mm L 4 IS, ISO 400, 1/250@f/4


4 Comments on “Show some love

  1. Skunks are horrible. Lately I’ve been smelling them alot around here as well. I have no idea why. But I love this picture, I love the angle of how you take your pictures. Wonderful.

    • I agree about the skunks. I think this is mating season for them so they can have their young in the spring or summer. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Luckily there aren’t any skunks around here so we haven’t had the pleasure of having to wash their smell off George. What we have had to wash off him was a lot of fox poo that he’s very good at finding. For some obscure reason, he can’t resist rolling in it although he knows that his action will inevitably be followed by a bath, which he hates. Dogs, eh?

    I really liked this post, I find your writing style captivating, I don’t think I took more than two breaths until I reached the end. It was like reading a thriller 🙂

    As for the photos, what can I say…I’d love to know enough about photography, cameras, etc. and be able to take pictures like that. I promised myself that one day I’ll make the time to pursue this interest, so who knows I might come and ask for advice at some point.

    I browsed through your other photos, really nice. I love the animal ones, I’m not a cat person but I fell in love with Nettles, and the children shots are really special.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me find you, Lionel 🙂

    • Your welcome Didi. Thanks for the kind words about the post. You mentioned foxes. Are you from Britain? My wife is from Scotland.

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