Billy Goat Trail

I got off work early today and I wanted to get out and get some shots in, but as usual had no idea where I was going to go. My job (I’m in construction) is near the D.C. line, so I decided to head down to the Potomac river and find myself a trail. I started off near the C&O canal and because of the amount of tourists, jumped on the first trail I saw. At first things were easy and the scenery was pretty much nondescript. After about ten minutes the trail started to go downhill and I noticed that there were these rocks all over the trail, and by rocks I mean boulders. This meant that since I was in my work and not hiking shoes, I had to traverse the 20 to 50 ft inclines a lot slower than I wanted to, not to mention the fact that I had to hold my 5D with one hand while securing myself with the other. I took a spill about a mile into the trail and thought about turning around and going home, but noticed that there were kids about seven to ten years old climbing these rocks as if they had glue on their hands and suction cups for feet. They were having a great time and so was I, so I kept going stopping to get some shots in as I went. It was fun, and I got to stand on some great cliffs, but the valleys were just as nice and I spent most of the time near the river. After about two hours I decide to head back before dark. Once I got back to the canal, I stopped to read the bulletin board to find out the name of the trail is called the Billy Goat trail, and that the park service has to rescue people by boat and by helicopter several times a year on this thing. If had known this before hand I probably wouldn’t have taken this trail. But then, I would not of had so much fun.

Tech:Canon 5d mark II, Ef 35mm 1.4 L, ISO 320, 1/500@f/8


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