Billy Goat II

Tech:Canon 5D mark II, Ef 35mm 1.4 L, ISO 320, 1/250@f/8


8 Comments on “Billy Goat II

  1. It looks as if there is lightening in the tree.

    I do not visit your blog as often as I would like,because I have major problems loading your site – even though I have 15Mbps broadband, this morning it still took nearly 10 minutes to load.

    I have checked, and you have over twenty postings on the page. If I was you I would consider reducing this to five, to make viewing your site manageable.

    • The Lightning is actually the branches of a sycamore tree nearby.

      I am troubled by your problems with the site loading, but I have checked with several people and they all say that the site loads fine. I have the site set to load 10 posts per page which it does for me and other people that I have spoken to. I have also resized all the photos and now for me at least they load much faster. I am going to write wordpress today to see what is going on. I want to get this resolved, so bear with me and let me know if this is still happening, By the way, if anyone else is having this problem let me know.

  2. I enjoyed this post. I used to live in alexandra, my friend and I always hiked the potomac area and beyond. It always seemed like the tide would come in before we turned around. Wed have to hike back through water.

    The best picks are always off the beaten path.

  3. This picture is taken beautifully. I really can’t stop looking at it. Your eye is amazing! I really like your stuff alot.

    • Thanks BG. This shot was one of those things where I was walking along, looked up, and saw this amazing tree. I sometimes curse the winter for restricting me on a color pallet to draw from in nature, but had there been leaves on that tree I might not have seen it.

  4. This is surely great photo Lionel. So powerfull, especially the light that touch the tree from above. Make it more dramatic.
    Very well taken my friend 🙂

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