Frozen Canal

Finally had some time off to shoot this afternoon and let me tell you I really needed today’s session to work out for me more than ever. You see, I have been having some real problems as of late getting proper exposure on my 5D mark II. This has been going on since I bought my camera. It has been overexposing by at least 2 to 3 stops and sometimes more than that. I also noticed that even when shooting at ISO 100 or 500 that there was noise in my photos. This is not good. At first I thought that since in the past year I have been working six to seven days a week, I needed to spend more time with the camera and work things out. Be that as it may, it has been four months and even though I have gotten a little closer to what I wanted, I am still overexposing. Last week I was shooting something with my 40D and quickly realized that getting the right exposure on this camera was almost instant. And without thinking I might add. My 5D is way too expensive not to do the same. I had saved for a long time and sold a third of my lens stock to pay for this thing, and since I am still under warranty, I finally relented and called Canon last friday. The rep was very nice and asked me if I had the light optimizer function on in the 5D. I told him yes since it is set to standard by default. I also told him that the noise reduction for high ISO was on and he told me to turn the two off, and if I still had the problem that more than likely it was a broken light meter. Well, late sunday afternoon I spent three hours on the canal in spots where I had problems getting the right exposure. Instantly  my problems were corrected and I am getting shots that I expect to get. This is good since sending my expensive pro camera in for repairs and not having it for two weeks was definitely my last option. Note to Canon: If you have a custom function on your camera that might interfere with the metering, at least put a footnote in your manual that says so.

Tech:Canon 5D mark II, Ef 70-200mm L 4 IS, ISO 320, 1/320@f8


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