Soul of an old machine

I shot this photo about a week after I bought my 5D. It is what’s left of the engine of a very old excavator. I must have shot this once mighty earth mover over a thousand times. Literally. The problem for me was the fact that I never thought I had captured this machine in its sad, decayed state quite the way that I wanted. It sits in an abandoned lot by itself next to a old country road by a river. I’ve shot this excavator in the sunrise, sunset, cloudy days, used different lenses, with and without a tripod. All this has been going on for at least three or four years. I’m always afraid of missing a good shot of things that I see in my travels for fear that they might be gone the next time I see them. This old guy for some reason is different. I’ve always had the feeling that he’ll be here until I can at least show the world that despite the fact that he is broken and thoroughly rusted inside and out, he once did some real damage.

Tech:Canon 5D mark II, Ef 35mm L 1.4, ISO 800,1/80@f2.8


5 Comments on “Soul of an old machine

  1. The excavator looks like it has great potential for macro shots.

    I can see from the aperture and shutter setting it was taken in low light conditions. I think – and this is only my opinion – it could be improved upon by having a greater depth of field – using a tripod and shutting the aperture right down.

    • I agree with the macro shots which I have, however the aperture setting was done on purpose. For me, I only wanted the wheel in focus. Actually I wanted to stop up to 1.4, but I decided on 2.8 because at the distance I was at ( 2 feet ), and the fact that 1.4 can be a little soft, which in this case I did not want.

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