Great Falls

Went to the falls at Great Falls Va. last november. These rapids are one of the few in the country that have all of the different categories for rapids in one location. Instead of using evaluative metering which I normally use for landscapes, I decided to play around with spot metering for this. I had not been to this place in a very long time and on this trip I was quickly reminded why. The amount of tourists here was insane, and they all had cameras. Don’t get me wrong – everyone has a right to shoot any where they like, but at least be respectful of the person in front, to the side or behind you. Let the person get their shot, step in to get yours and move on. Unfortunately, for me this wasn’t the case. I had to fight for space on the viewing decks and for some of the times that I did get through, I had to deal with people snickering as they blocked my shot. In situations like this I do what I normally do. Go where most people wont. In this case it was below the viewing decks, right on the edge of the rapids. The same spot where people with kayaks launch themselves into the water. As I headed down to a big rock  that was actually in the water, I could hear Sheila telling me not to go for fear of me falling in the rapids. Fair enough, but I’m going anyway. Well lucky me. Turns out that some  guy and his girlfriend are using the same spot that I wanted and she is sitting on the big rock clinging for life trying to smile while he gets his shots. Twenty minutes go by and she’s still on the rock and he’s still shooting. At this point I feel stupid for not walking away, but the anger in me would not let this guy win. He knew I was waiting to use this spot but he kept going like he owned this piece of public land. After some careful thought I decided not to start yelling at the guy, so I did the next best thing. I held up my camera and pretended to take shots of his girlfriend too. As I watched the look of horror on his girlfriends face through my viewfinder, I heard “Ok I’m done” from the guy as he snatched her off of the rock and left the scene. I managed to get my shots ( it took all of about a minute ) and go home.

Tech:Canon 5D markII, 70-200mm L 4 Is, Iso 640, 1/200@f/8


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