This lovely young lady is the daughter of a very close friend of mine. I first took photos of her when she was less than a week old. She and her mom and dad came to see me at my work the other day and I was stunned by the fact that she is now seven. I had planned to post more photos of her in this post as a series, but I have not had a chance to sort through all of her photos and to be honest, she so impressed me with her wonderful outgoing personality( this girl can’t stop smiling!) that I could not wait to post at least one photo of her.

Tech:Canon 5D MarkII, 70-200mm L 4, Iso 250, 1/1250@f 4


2 Comments on “Bethany

  1. Lionel,

    My family and I enjoyed the great lunch we had together. It would had been even better if Sheila was there. You already part of my Family Lionel, God bless you.


    • Thanks Jorge. I need to make sure that Sheila is with us next time as she has informed me that she would like to see everyone in the Mira-Lopez crew. P.S. She is still mad at Leon!

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