To make hay

All of the farms where I live seem to make their hay at the same time. There are so many that it is hard for me to keep track of them all to photograph. The two in this post stuck out in my mind for two reasons: the positions of the bales and the way that the sun had set on both of the farms. My problem however, was that I had originally seen the two farms on different days and they were miles apart. This meant that if I were to get the shots in same day (my free time is very limited), then I would have to set up my rig for the first farm (above), get my shot, throw my gear in the car and fly to the next farm (below) before the sun set behind the barn. Luckily things worked out in my favor. Barely.

Tech:Canon 40D, Efs 10-22


3 Comments on “To make hay

  1. I have been looking at the B&W for some time. I can’t put my finger on it but I know this picture has the potential of being a classic. It would be worth spending time experimenting in Photoshop with different crops, contrasts curves, etc. There’s something wonderful just under the surface waiting to burst out.

  2. Babygirl: Thank you.

    YesBut: I agree, but the problem I had when I worked on this photo was the unresolved detail that came out of my 40D. Every time I added more contrast etc, I would get that painted look, and I hate that. Also the 10-22 (which I just recently sold) is an excellent lens, but it does not perform as well as my L lenses. This is the reason I bought my 5D markII and a 17-40 L lens. I plan to revisit these same locals next year and re-shoot the photos. In the end I still got what I wanted. Well, almost.

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