Sheila’s Rose

Several years ago I had to go to one of those chain camera stores ( the same one I mentioned in the “A Lesson in Lens Buying” post). Anyway, I noticed on the counter a portfolio of some floral shots. When I inquired about their origin the guy behind the counter (who was actually a very nice guy) told me that he in fact took the shots and proceeded to tell me on how he had to set up $3,000.00 worth of lighting gear to get the shots. I was shocked. I understand using lighting in a studio or an interior setting, but to use that much gear to shoot something in it’s natural setting is beyond me. Personally, I prefer to shoot flowers when it’s cloudy because to me, the darker colors look more natural and rich. I especially like to shoot flowers in after a nice spring rain, as in the photo above.

Tech:Canon 40D, Ef 50mm 1.8, Iso 200, 1/500@f/4


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