Eyed Click Beetle

Found this guy walking across the concrete floor of my front porch one day this summer. He gets his name due to the fact that the two dots on his back look like eyes and the click is the sound he makes when he rights himself if he should find himself upside down. Getting this shot was easy. I just set my camera on the floor and used live view to set the depth of field I wanted and let him walk (man this was dude slow!) towards me. As soon as he crossed that line I took the shot via remote.

Tech:Canon 40D, EFS 60mm 2.8,1/80@f/3.5


2 Comments on “Eyed Click Beetle

  1. I’m looking forward to next Summer and being able again to take macro shots of insects.

    This week I bought a remote so I’ll be able to try your technique.

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