This is Albert. He is a finch who came to our  feeding station a couple of winters ago. Sheila discovered him one day when she was re-filling the feeders and he was the only bird who didn’t fly off while she did so. She put out her hand full of seeds and he just hopped up on it and started eating. I liked him because he was messy (his feathers were always out of place), and if any of the other birds came around, he would beat them up. He would gorge on suet and seeds and then fall asleep. Sometimes he would sleep almost face down in the feeder with the meat from sunflower seeds stuck to his face. He would then wake up, beat up a few more birds, fly away, and come back the next day to eat almost anything we put out. I shot the photo above one day while he was asleep in one of our tube feeders.

Tech:Canon 40D, efs 60mm macro 2.8


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