A web in the fall

I find that if you like to photograph insects like I do, sometimes it helps if you know some of their habits. Things like where they live, hide, etc. That is the case with this Orb Weaver spider . They are quite common where I live (the mid-atlantic region), but they are only in plain site from mid to late september. This is because at the first sign of frost, the female (like this one) dies. I took this photo for several reasons: I’ve never seen one this big and almost intact in my yard before. The female is in the center of the web which is unusual because this particular spider is nocturnal and will hide or sit on the edge of the web in daylight. The dew was pretty heavy that morning. When I first laid eyes on this thing, it looked like it had a thousand beads of glass stuck to it. By the way, this spider was the inspiration for the story “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. When I look at this, it is easy to see why.

Tech:Canon 40D,35mm L 1.4,Iso 800,1/125@f/3.5


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