I have to say that I am obsessed with shooting mannequins. The reason is simple. They don’t talk. I can spend as long as I want shooting from different angles,in  different lighting, or just take as many shots as I want. For me the rules are simple: A: Must be old. I only shoot in antique stores, Goodwill, or consignment shops. B: Don’t touch. I shoot them with whatever they have or don’t have on, and in whatever position or place I find them. C: Capture everything. This means mannequins, dress forms, and some old dolls in whole, halves, or just parts. I have a particular place that I visit the most, as it is a very large old house crammed with a lot of antiques and since they rotate their stock often, every time I visit the mannequins are in different locations, pieces, or dress. This is the first in a series of several, and the rest of this can be seen here.


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