I’m not a big fan of composited photos for one simple reason. I suck at it. Owning up to this fact, I decided to shoot this idea that I had for a modern translation of Pandora from greek mythology as a live set piece. After some pre-planning, I decided on the fact that in the shot I needed some antiques and luckily, we have those in spades. Next, I needed Hermes and Pandora. That’s where Kallin and Rachael come in. After setting up the room the way I wanted, everyone took their places and I started shooting. All was well until I uploaded the photos into my computer. None of the shots came out the way I wanted. Lisa (their mother) brought them back to the house the following weekend. This was a true test of the kids patience, but as usual, they hung in there like true champs. We started all over again but this time I got what I wanted. Rachael is Pandora of course letting the evils of the world out of the box that she was told by Hermes not to open. This was achieved by putting incense in the bottom of a small antique chest and letting the smoke accumulate until Rachael opened the box and I took the shot. We had to do this for every shot. I chose this photo out the six that I got for this session because of the face you see to the far right of the smoke, and no this wasn’t photoshopped. Kallin is Hermes watching Pandora open the box. I got his reflection in the victorian dressing mirror by putting him on the other side of the room wearing an antique welders mask lit up by my homemade snoot ( an led flashlight taped to a mike stand).

Tech:Canon 40D, 35mm L 1.4, ISO 500,1/8@2.8


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