I love black and white conversions. So much so that I have about 30 or so presets that I have created for both Lightroom and Photoshop. Some are subtle, some are high contrast, some are designed to look like film ( I have always been fond of Ilford – somedays I miss the film days ), and then there’s infrared which brings us to this topic. I know what you’re thinking – true infrared photography is done with either a modified or infrared camera, or with infrared filters. Well, since good infrared cameras or filters are expensive, and the fact that I am not willing to modify even my second camera for infrared, converting a photo to infrared is the next best option. The photo above was taken at the C&O Canal at Violet Lock. It was shot in late spring and even though I was happy with the original photo, I thought the scene was way too green. Since infrared turns most green into white, I chose this option because it turned the overdose of green leaves into something that almost resembles white flowers. The photo below is of a church in downtown Frederick,MD. I converted this photo to infrared because although I liked the weathered crosses on top, I did not like the brick on the building.

Tech:Canon40D,70-200 L f4 is (top),35mm L 1.4 (bottom)


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