A new Life

This is Jespah. He was named after one of the cubs of Elsa the lion from Born Free. My girl Sheila rescued him when he was just weeks old and his eyes had just opened. He was in very bad shape – he couldn’t eat on his own nor could he hardly even walk. We bought kitten formula, a bottle, and slowly nursed him back to health. It was very touch and go ( we honestly did not think he would live long at all as he was in such bad shape ). Taking on a project like this wasn’t easy due to the fact that he had to be fed every time he was hungry which was about every two to three hours. This meant that he had to be taken everywhere we went – grocery store, hardware store, gas station, Mcdonalds , everywhere. I distinctly remember an occasion when we where at the checkout in a hardware store and he started crying real loud. Sheila lifted him out of her shirt pocket ( he was that small ), pulled his bottle out of her purse and nursed him as I payed the bill. This is where our dog Sia comes in. At home after every feeding Sheila would set Jess on the floor and Sia would clean him from head to toe. She’d start with his face ( although I actually think that was because he still had formula on his cheeks ), and work her way to his butt. Sounds disgusting, but in the animal world, a mother does this to encourage her young to use the bathroom on their own. Afterwards, Sia would take him and let him sleep either under her body, or somewhere on her fur. The above photo was taken on such an occasion.

Tech:Canon40D,50mm 1.4,Iso800@f/2.2

Jess is on the right behind her leg


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