A lesson in lens buying

Some years ago one spring I bought myself a macro lens. I was in the market for the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens. I called around, and for some reason, everyone was out of stock. I finally lucked out on this chain store at my local mall and rushed down to pickup the aforementioned lens. When I got there, the guy told me that the lens had been sold. At this point I was pretty hot because this guy knew that I was on my way to buy this lens. ” Well I’ve got this 60mm EFS macro! ” he says. ” I have one myself and with our current sale, it’s $80.00 cheaper! ” I thought about it for a minute, put it on one of their rebels and walked around the store checking the focus distance. “A little too short” I thought. Oh well. I had the money and I wanted a macro lens right then. Not the next month, week, or even day. Right then. Flash forward eight months and I still had not used the lens. It was almost christmas and I finally had some time off to use it. I hated it. The fact that I had to get so close for the 1:1 ratio really bugged me. But since there was no way to return it (14 day return policy you know ), or the fact I was too lazy to sell it, I was stuck with it. I decided not to let $450.00 bucks go to waste and get out to use the lens. When I got outside, I quickly realized that there was nothing to shoot ( at least in my backyard ), and since this was winter, there were no bugs, leaves, green grass, or flowers. Nothing. Not trying to be discouraged, I started to shoot this ugly knot in a tree. I got a few shots off when I thought, you know my neighbor is probably looking out of his window right now thinking ” Why  the hell, dead in the middle of  winter, does this moron have his face and camera about three inches from a barren tree? ” At this point, I put down my camera and ran back to the house. As I passed the the porch on the side of my house, I saw one of our cats ( Star ) asleep in the midday sun. I crept up on her and as soon as I got a few inches from her face,I yelled ” Oh s-s-snap! ” and fired off a couple of shots before she walked away. At this point, I felt inspired and headed inside to some get shots of my dog Sia. Sia had been going through treatment for a case of ear mites that she had in one ear, and to put it mildly, she was hating life. Every five minutes she would scratch and shake her head causing the ointment to ooze out and make the hair behind her left ear stringy and greasy. As soon as I lifted my camera up to get a shot , she ran off. I quietly chased her around the house for about ten minutes when finally I yelled, ” Hey look! Squirrel! ” As she focused outside the front window, I managed to get the shot above. From then on, I’ve shot everything with this lens and have been very happy with it. So, is this a great lens? Definitely. Would I buy it again? No. The point is, the focus distance still bothers me and although it sounds picky, the lesson for me here is that since good lenses aren’t cheap, settling for something that may be less expensive or does not fit your personal or creative style is not worth it.

Tech:Canon 40D, 60mm 2.8 macro,Iso 320,1/100sec @ f/4.0


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