The Canal

I’ve had the 5D markII for a little while now, but I can’t get the time to use it. I’ve been working seven days a week and if I do get off early, I only have about an hour of daylight ( this is October after all ). An hour is not enough time to learn the camera ( although the learning curve is not that steep as the controls are similar to that of my 40D), set up my tripod, try my different filters, and get the shot. My frustration comes from due to the fact that the peak season for leaves is almost over, I’ve got a very small window to get some of the more specific fall shots I want. I took this shot on the C&O Canal and of about 80 shots this is the only one that I liked. It was shot with a circular polarizer to make the colors pop a little. I tried a ND filter, but it was too light. I also have and NGRAD that has always been my go to filter, but I don’t have a ring that fits this lens. The ring I do have only fits my 10-22 EFS and of course that only works on my 40D. Funny how my local camera shop has every ring in the world for my filter system but the one I want. Go figure.


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