While trying to determine what photo to post next, I decided on this little guy. The reason is because  as of  this past weekend, his lovely mom and a close family member have gotten married so he is now a part of my neat little family. Last winter I had decided to give his mom a portrait of him for a christmas gift, so I had to go to their apartment while she wasn’t there and try to grab some shots to use. When I got there I could tell that he didn’t want his picture taken which was understandable since he had just got back from school, and I’m sure the last thing he wanted was to have some guy with a camera and lens the size of his head shoved in his face saying “hey dude, let’s take some pictures!” After him blocking my shots with his hands and saying “NO!” to any of my requests, he finally relented and stood where I had asked him to and gave me this shot. I had already prepared myself  beforehand by setting my camera to Ap priority, so getting the exposure I wanted was pretty quick. This was nice because Alex only gave me the few seconds I needed to get this shot and then went back to eating his crackers. I really like this shot because in his expression, Alex gave me what he truly felt; the strong desire not to have his photo taken, but at the same time trying not to look ticked off. I have always felt that if someone doesn’t want to smile for a portrait, then don’t make them. At the very least you’ll get honesty.

Tech: Canon 40D, 35mm 1.4 L,ISO 400, f/2.8


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